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thezombiequeen ([personal profile] thezombiequeen) wrote on May 23rd, 2012 at 09:59 pm
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i'd actually never heard of Jamberry Nail Shields until a good friend of mine started selling them. It works much like my Mary Kay business and she sent me a few samples to use, photograph and show friends. While i absolutely love nail polish, i hate painting my fingernails because it chips by the end of the day. i admit i was very skeptical about these but i decided to give em a shot anyhow.

Jamberry Nail Shields

Jamberry comes in a variety of colors and patterns and are fairly easy to apply. All you need is nail polish remover, an emery board and a blow dryer. Swipe the nail with the polish remover, scuff up the nail a bit, blast the nail shields with warm air and then form it to the nail. Pretty easy. Both applications that i put on [and one i did on my daughter's toes], lasted a week [and probably would have lasted longer if my OCD wouldn't have said, "Hey! Pick on those."] They held up through daily hand washings, showers and dish washings with no problems whatsoever and looked good doing it! i was honestly surprised at the durability and it certainly beats painting your nails, only to have chips in a matter of hours. i would definitely recommend these. ♥
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